Since the foundation of the company end of the nineteenthirties, the main activity of  our firm   was the growing, harvesting and scutching of straw flax, as it is now.  The most of our flax is growing in the French Departments Eure, Seine-Maritime and environment.  Albert Brille is yearly harvesting and scutching more than  4.000 hectares of straw flax.

In our company in Wevelgem we are able to scutch  2.300 hectares of straw flax on our three scutching mills "DEPOORTERE".  Since april  2001 we're  also participating in a production unit in Le Neubourg (France).  Our capacity in France is about 2.400 hectares . All scutching machines have a system to roll on the scutched flax, so a qualitative, homogeneous layer of fibers is formed.   We are convinced  that quality is the basis to start the further stadia in the production process.   As we take part in different segments of the flax industry, the most important thing is to offer products of high quality.  



Albert Brille, founder

air photo truck of straw flax scutching mill in Wevelgem warehouse in Le Neubourg