Flax is a one of the most difficult cultures, despite the weather circumstances of the traditional flax countries were considered as favorable.  Not only weather circumstances, but also the composition of the ground, the used fertilizers, and the presence of knowledge and experience, influences the flax culture.

    Another important phase in the flax production is the harvest.  Brille is investing yearly in flax pullers, returners and bale presses, to keep the harvest equipment up to date.  The right time to harvest is also very important for the quality of the fibers.  A good follow up during the retting process is necessary to have a good crop.

Today we are scutching in Belgium (Wevelgem) and in France (Le Neubourg). The capacity of our two scutching mills is more than 4.000 hectares, or about 30.000 tons of straw flax a year. In both factories we employ about 80 persons.  


Besides scutching we're also active buying on the local market in Europe.  Brille is selling more than 10.000 tons of scutched flax a year, and also more than 5.000 tons of scutched tow.  Our products are exported all over the world. 

All of our products are sold under the 'Masters of Linen' brand guarantee : not only the origin is guaranteed, but also the quality.  As a producer of straw flax, we're well placed to follow up the quality in all the stadia of the flax production (growing, harvesting, scutching), due to our flax experience since 1930.   In all of our activities, our qualified staff is able to monitor the high quality requirements of our customers.

Brille was also a pioneer in the process of the rolling on of the scutched flax.  All our machines are equipped to obtain a continuous, equal layer of scutched flax.  By using this method, our employees are able to do a better separation of the qualities.

On this site you can find a lot of information about the growing and the scutching of the flax.  You can also find a photobook about all of our activities. 

flax field flowering truck of straw flax office in Wevelgem scutching mill in Wevelgem